Lectura conjunta de Tehilím Para la curacion completa de Rivka Esther bas Naomi

I just got a personal message from rabbi chaim kavneivsky that it is critical in these next few days for everyone to pray tehilim for my refua. He said non stop all day prayer. Everyone around me. I cannot express the pain I have been going through these past few days and I reallly believe and trust that there is a huge miracle happening at every moment. I beg everyone to extend this message and help me in the next few days to say tehilim for me as much as you can. (I will be getting a biopsy done on Sunday to confirm or not if it’s the cancer that has no cure ). All of you have been helping me beyond words can express. I have been crying all day from all the love and support and it is giving me so much strength. Please pass this message along to who ever you can. Rivka Esther bat Naomi
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